Nätverket för långsiktigt hållbara affärer mellan företag och offentlig sektor


The Swedish Association of Public Suppliers (Föreningen Sveriges Offentliga Leverantörer, FSOL) is an industry organisation whose members either supply the public sector or perform procurement support functions. Collectively, the member organisations provide a comprehensive range of services both within and for public procurement. We make procurement more efficient, yet we also increase the impact of the procurements. FSOL’s business concept is to work towards the best possible way of doing business, ensure accuracy and efficiency within public procurement and promote the development of a market-driven public sector. We support our members in opinion-forming and in contact with decision-makers and authorities.

FSOL also works to promote better and long-term legislation. We will safeguard the interests of the member organisations through good relations with decision-makers and through acting as an established consultation body. We are an important participant in the debate concerning public procurement.

The vital importance of public procurement

Every year, goods and services worth more than SEK 500 billion are purchased within the public sector. A similar proportion of purchases are also made through so-called direct procurement. The public procurement sector is therefore Sweden’s largest market by some margin. It is therefore obvious that public procurement is very important for society. It is also clear that it therefore represents an important business opportunity for many companies. The public procurement sector thus attracts attention from many quarters.

...and the vital importance of good public procurement

A number of factors must be in place in order for public procurement to function in the best possible way:

  • Tenders must be formulated so as to allow as many companies as possible to compete
  • Information concerning tenders must reach as many tenderers as possible
  • Legislation concerning procurement must be such that as many tenderers as possible have practical opportunities to participate in the bidding
  • Tenderers must possess the expertise that is necessary in order to put together a tender that is actually comparable
  • Tenderers must possess the necessary expertise in order to be able to determine the best tenders for them.

Through its knowledge, experience and tools, FSOL is a key body in the process for creating successful procurement. That is also the view of the supervisory authorities.

Interest from politicians and the authorities

An aspect of the social economy as important as public procurement should attract strong interest from politicians and the authorities, and it does. This is frequently apparent in the Swedish Parliament through questions concerning procurement, and two studies are currently under way concerning the way in which public procurement should be organised and made more efficient in future. Read more about this here .